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Innovative Education Grants

Innovative Education grant improves writing skills

2022 IEG

Lisa Brandt, third grade teacher, received a grant for “We Can All Be Writers” using the Not So Wimpy Third Grade Writing Units and Masterclass writing class. 

Mrs. Brandt learned how to run effective writing workshops for her students by breaking down daily writing into smaller pieces to avoid overwhelming learners and building their confidence. They focus on the four genres of writing—personal narrative writing, informational writing, opinion writing, and fictional narrative writing.

The learners really enjoy the writing units!

CEF has awarded a total of $32,912 in Innovative Education Grants since its inception.

Photo top right: Third grader Gavin Deboer uses a laptop and the Not So Wimpy Third Grade Writing Unit to complete an assignment.

Below, left: Henly Mack and Briana Munoz. Below, right: Katelyn TeKrony and Whyatt Hills

IEG 2022
IEG 2022

Past Innovative Education Grant Award Winners

IE 2021
Fifth grade Innovative Education Grant

2019-20 IE Grant award winner.  An IE grant requested by elementary teacher Nancy Appl funded a learning opportunity for her fifth and sixth grade science classes. The activity involved a “Who Did It?” crime scene revolving around teaching about density. Students involved in the activity pictured above are, clockwise from center, Aiden Grupe (standing), Nora Solberg, Abby TeKrony, Brody Bass, Leonard Wernke, Natalie Akin, Yader Munoz, Emery Nei, Chesnie Gisselbeck, Olivia Karst (standing), Landyn Ries (standing) and Winter Borgheiinck (standing).

Two pottery classes were able to take a trip to Dakota Potter's Supply in Sioux Falls and experience a raku pottery firing through another IE grant.  Click here for more photos.

2nd grade IE grant 2018-19

2018-19 IE Grant award winner.  Through an Innovative Education Grant of $109, Kristy Borer's kindergarten classroom received Magnetic Builder Toys to use during center time for STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Math). Two other teachers also received grants. Julie Bartels, fifth grade teacher, received a $100 grant for carts to help with organization in their flexible seating classroom. Nancy Appl, second grade teacher, received grants totaling $717 for a Jill Eggleton Shared Reading and Poetry Set and a Qball, an interactive throwable microphone to be used to engage and excite students during the Shared Reading and Poetry time.

2017-18 grant: Leslie Tvedt, $209, STEM Robot Mouse Codington Set.

2016-17 grant: Leslie Tvedt, Snap Circuits (makerspace module).

2015-16 grants: Nancy Appl and Rochelle Rudebusch, $900, Fairy Tale cross-curricular unit. Joy Bruinsma, $200, update die for Ellison Letter Cutting Machine. Leslie Tvedt, $290, Makey Makey invention kit. Joann Fischer, $160, books for eighth grade enrichment class.

2014-15 grant: Rochelle Rudebusch and Kristy Borer, $350, Sails Poetry Series.

2013-14 grants: Nancy Appl, Velma Kreul and Rochelle Rudebusch, $570, Raz Project (animated leveled books and interactive quizzes). Mark Iverson, $500, greenhouse supplies. Vicki Bjerke (music department), $1,200, garment bags for new choir robes.

2012-13 grants: Mark Iverson, $300, greenhouse heater. Lois Hyde, $200, fifth grade calculators. Nichole Hendrickson and Leslie Tvedt, $2,600, graphing calculators. Joy Halling, $400, clay extruder for art. Kathy Pommer, $847, nonfiction books that meet Common Core Standards.

2011-12 grants: Adam Rudebusch, $3,000, Kindle e-readers and e-books, and $300, start-up funds for 7-12 literary magazine. Doug Ruesink, $200, iPod for PE classes. Leslie Tvedt, $556, four digital photo scanners. Mark Iverson, $600, STEM with Vernier and LEGO Mindstorms NXT to design robots in science class. Joann Fischer, $169, books for junior high enrichment classes.

2010-11 grants: Joy Halling, $400, tabletop slab roller (art). Kristy Borer, $1,050, iPods. Adam Rudebusch, $1,331, texts. connecting many times, cultures and genres of literature. Doug Ruesink, $100, PE equipment. Terri Tillma, $750, Accelerated Reading incentives.

2009-10 grants: Rochelle Rudebusch, $1,458, two kid-friendly laptops. Kathy Pommer, $120, What's New in Books. Mark Iverson, $469, Stir Station, camera/software. Leslie Tvedt, $1,000, expanded Accelerated Reader software. Kim Boswell, $258, King Tut exhibit. Stacy Solsaa, $102, Parent Drug and Alcohol Awareness presentations.

2008-09 grants: Vicki Bjerke, $552, Dominant Seven trumpet ensemble, recording microphone. Diane Anderson, $250, radio/CD player. Nancy Appl, $332, Writing Strategies That Work book project. Stacy Solsaa, $353, Sheltered Reality group, Caring Kids.

2007-08 grants: Diane Anderson, $925, cup stacking materials, balance beam. Vicki Bjerke, $720, baritone horn. Leslie Tvedt, $1,629, digital camcorder, tripod, wireless microphone.