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Welcome to Castlewood School District!

  • In Castlewood, we are committed to working together with our school board, families, and the community to build a foundation for life for our students. Castlewood School District is home to approximately 280 students in grades K – 12.
    Castlewood School is a warm, caring, and inviting place where students enjoy learning. We take pride in our staff, students, education, and the many extra-curricular activities that are offered.
    We offer a preschool class, which is housed in the elementary building. Our preschool teacher is a certified elementary teacher, who provides students with the social and academic skills they need in the years to come. Research suggests that well-designed preschool programs lead to long-term improvement in overall school success. We believe in giving our students an early start, because we know that preschool is a foundation for the rest of a child’s education.
    Technology is also an essential part of our educational system. Every student in our school (K-12) has a device, which enables us to be a 1:1 school.  Our teachers are continually increasing the use of technology at all grade levels. We believe that technology is vital for our students to be successful in post-secondary education and today’s working world.

    Feel free to contact the school if you would like more information about the educational experience we offer.


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