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    Goals of the Castlewood Education Foundation

    Promote our school and draw awareness to academic strengths and achievements.

    Motivate students to keep alive their eagerness to learn and encourage them to work to their highest potential.

    Recognize staff for exemplary teaching and inspire public education employees to ensure that all students succeed.

    Inspire alumni, business leaders, and commercial groups to participate in enriching education and promote academic achievement.

    Build community awareness of the foundation.

    FOUNDATION BY-LAWS (adopted)

  • Welcome to the Castlewood Education Foundation!

    The Castlewood Education Foundation (CEF) is a 501(c)(3) non-profit charitable organization whose mission is to enhance, enrich, and encourage educational opportunities for all students in the Castlewood School District.

    We believe public education excellence is vital and should be attainable for all. We are dedicated to uniting the efforts of alumni, local business owners, commercial groups, and individuals in supporting our public school.

    The foundation is managed by a volunteer Board of Directors that operates independently of the Castlewood School District. The Directors are recruited from the community and alumni. They meet regularly and function in accordance with the adopted by-laws. We are always looking for new individuals to serve on the CEF Board. If you have an interest, please contact one of the Board members.

    CEF 2020 officers

    Board Members:

    Cory Akin - President  • Lesa Dahl - Vice President
    Carrie Boyd - Secretary  •  Carol Collins 
    - Treasurer

    Board members: Lois Wiarda  •  Heather Schmit  •  Vicki Strait
    Angela Hunter  •  Kristy Borer  •  Deb Mack

    CEF 2020 board members